About Us

It’s a period constrained chance to purchase a gathering of applications for whatever you need to pay! Stacksocial groups are only developed and are made for anybody looking to find the best applications around the globe.


What happens in the event that I pay Short of what the normal cost?

You’ll just get 3 applications: Photoshopbulk, OS X, Elmedial Player Mastering, and Houdachspot. Since this is a novel kind of offer and clients can pay whatever they need we have to impetus a sound cost for the engineers included in the pack or else individuals may very well keep on paying $.01 and if that were the situation we wouldn’t have the capacity to exist.

You’ll get Each of the 10 Macintosh applications.


Can I download the greater part of the items in my group?

Yup, the greater part of the items in our pack are downloadable right in your record. No delivery location is required.

What’s the get?

There’s no get! You’ll get the same adaptations of the applications as though you paid the maximum for them and you’ll likewise get the same help, redesigns, and redesign choices too.

How can it function?

We work nearly with our designer associations with blend and match the best applications for a package so we’re ready to offer thousands inside a two-week timeline. We power our associations with tech online journals to extend our span to a great many individuals overall which makes it alluring for engineers of various types to work with us.

What number of packs would I be able to purchase?

Because of the way of the NYOP pack you’re just ready to purchase ONE (1) group for every client.

What form of Macintosh OS X do I have to utilize the heap of applications?

If its not too much trouble see the item depiction for every application to discover the Mac framework prerequisites.

What dialects do the applications in the pack help?

Kindly view the item apps portrayal for every application to figure out the material dialects.

In the event that I purchase the group today, would I be able to download my applications later after I get my new Macintosh?

Yes, the length of its inside 60 days of your buy. You’ll have the capacity to get to the majority of your permit codes, download connections, and establishment directions right in your record.

Yes, they will have the capacity to contact you through email for help/redesign reasons however you will dependably have the right to unsubscribe from their messages on the off chance that you have to. This considers them to give the best backing to you conceivable.

Do the licenses deal with all my Macintoshes with Herbalife (main link)?

It would be ideal if you note: all licenses are for ONE client just yet a few licenses are legitimate for utilization on various Macintoshes. If you don’t mind see the item depiction. In the event that there is no item portrayal they are pertinent to stand out Macintosh.

Are the applications Mountain Lion Perfect?

About Your Buy

Where would I be able to recover my buy data?

You’ll be messaged an affirmation receipt that will contain all that you have to know to download and actuate your applications and you’ll additionally have the capacity to get to all your buy data in your record under ‘My Buys’.

Did my buy experience?

On the off chance that your buy was finished, you ought to 1) get an affirmation message in your web program, 2) have the capacity to get to all your item data in your record under ‘My Buys’, 3) get an affirmation email.

The permit code I got isn’t working, what would it be a good idea for me to do?

If you don’t mind deliberately read the establishment guidelines for each of your items to verify you’re not missing something.

On the off chance that your permit points of interest are still not living up to expectations, please contact the engineer straightforwardly of the application being referred to for the speediest reaction.

I mistyped my name or email address so by what means would I be able to redesign my permit points of interest?

If its not too much trouble contact the designer specifically of the application being referred to for the quickest reaction.

How would I get a discount?

We are just for discounts however because of the way of the time-restricted deal we’re not able to give discounts.

All buys are last and no special cases will be conceded so please try to remain mindful of what you’re purchasing.

A ton of the applications have free trials so please make certain to attempt them out before you make the buy and its your obligation to verify that the greater part of the applications are good with your Macintosh. Kindly contact the fundamental designer or our backing before you pull the trigger in case you’re not certain.

I was charged various times, what would it be advisable for me to do?

Contact us instantly with your full name, your record email location, and the dates the charges were verified to deal with the circumstances.

Other Help Related Inquiries

Do I have to make a part record to buy?

Yes, its totally free. In case you’re not a part you’ll have to make a record when you want to checkout. The majority of your buy history will be put away in your part account.

On the off chance that I passed up a great opportunity for the deal will I have the capacity to still purchase it?

No, all offers are time-constrained so once time has lapsed you’ll never again have the capacity to purchase the deal. At the point when joining you’ll have the capacity to sign up to our pamphlet to abstain from missing any of our deals later on.

If you don’t mind guarantee that your program is progressive and on the off chance that it still isn’t working legitimately please take a stab at utilizing an alternate program, for example, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.